Miss V8 Supercars to Miss Universe

5th June, 2015
By V8 Supercars

style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 10px 0px 1em; padding-right: 20px; color: rgb(70, 79, 93); font-size: 14px; line-height: 21px;"> The countdown is on! Tonight reigning Miss V8 Supercars Stella Badenoch will be standing on stage at the final of the 2015 Miss Universe Australia pageant hoping to follow in the footsteps of 2004 winner and Australia’s most famous beauty queen Jennifer Hawkins. 

Badenoch, one of the favourites to take out the crown, is among 35 hopefuls all dreaming of their springboard to fame, but the down to earth South Australian isn’t taking anything for granted and credits winning the Miss V8 Supercars crown last year as the springboard to the coveted competition.

With aspirations to rise in management with Pandora’s Jewellery line where she currently works, as well as being a part-time carer for her grandfather John, Stella is determined to keep her feet firmly on the ground, but a win tomorrow night could see her representing Australia at the Donald Trump-led international pageant this year and forging an international modelling career.

V8 Supercars took a moment to catch up with Stella and wish her all the best for the big night.

You’ve gone from winning Miss V8 Supercars to possibly becoming Miss Universe Australia in one year? How did that all come about?

SB: Well it has all been a bit of a fluke really. In year 12 I got asked to model for a boutique and then from there it snowballed into different photoshoots. I was then asked by a photographer who was judging the Miss V8 Supercars the first year in Adelaide to enter, as people had dropped out so he asked me to sit in. I didn’t have to go through heats the first time, I just got put straight into the finals so it was kind of crazy. I went off to Qld for the finals and the first time I placed fourth, then the following year, last year, I took out the title.

The Miss Universe Australia thing was a bit of a fluke as well. When entering the MUA competition I didn’t tell anyone. I applied on line and the casting had already been done in Adelaide so I thought ‘oh well I will get put into next year’s lot’ and then I got a phone call after the long weekend and did an interview over the phone and they asked me to come to state finals and it went from there! 

How much did winning Miss V8 Supercars help when it has come to other competitions and your career?

SB: Winning Miss V8 Supercars has helped a lot with my portfolio because it shows what I am capable of in addition to modelling. It has really helped me prepare for the Miss Universe Australia competition as it has given me a background into competitions which I had never done before I entered Miss V8 Supercars.

What does the week in Melbourne involve? 

SB: It’s four days of rehearsing, interviews and catwalk. It’s a really busy week.  The first day we’re prepped, go straight into rehearsals and throughout rehearsals each of us get taken out for interviews then the next day it’s a skincare campaign and catwalk, evening wear, bikini wear and meeting sponsors.

It’s such a hard week and such an emotionally draining week I know people think how can it be so hard, it’s just a beauty pageant?... but it’s so much more than that. You have to really prepare and know your stuff. It’s not just about the way you look it’s your whole mentality – Can you think? Can you answer questions on the spot? Have you got background knowledge and life experience? There’s a lot more to it than people think.

Do you have questions and answers you can prepare for?

SB: No, contrary to what people think, they leave it up to us to do background research, so it’s not like we have prepared questions. It’s better than way. Anyone can get a list of questions and memorise answers but it’s about being able to do it on the spot and show people what you are capable of. 

What else do you do in your time off from pursuing a modelling career?

SB: I’m working at Pandora’s. I had an interview recently to be store assistant manager and would love to work my way up through management. I want to keep my options open in case the modelling doesn’t work out. If it didn’t, I would love to be managing one of the Pandora stores and hopefully progress through their business and work alongside them because I have found being with Pandora’s they really do look after you and they want the best. It’s been a really, really good 12 months being with them, learning about the business and trying to grow as a person.

How about personal time?

SB: I also spent a lot of time with my grandpa. I am part carer with my mum looking after my grandfather. I love it! We do all his shopping, take him out for lunch, get him out of the house for a little bit and he really enjoys that. He’s 92 now so he’s slowing down but he tries so hard to keep active. 

I also do a lot of work outs. I’m really into my cross core training at the moment. I’m actually a bit addicted.(CrossCore is a suspended bodyweight training system that engages the entire body with highly effective functional training techniques and programs with Rotational Bodyweight Training).

Where do you see your future headed if you happen to win? 

SB: I’ve always had modelling in my sights and always wanted to be an international model and just travel the world and also help others. 

This could potentially open up doors for a modelling career and to show Australia and the world who I am would be amazing.

I’d also like to help organisations and charities. 

I’ve had a lot of people in my life be diagnosed with cancer. My grandma had cancer behind the stomach so they couldn’t operate on her. She was diagnosed when I was 12 and 18 months later she passed away. It was a very daunting time because I was only 12 and seeing someone that you love in so much pain was hard. 

I’d love to help people in poverty, Go overseas and help in orphanages and travel over there. To help raise awareness, I think that would be fantastic. 

Best of Luck for tonight. We’d love to see Miss V8 Supercar’s crowned Miss Universe Australia.

SB: Thanks so much!

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